Kent Hampers of Local Kent Produce and More!..

Kentish Stores is a company founded in 2011, owned by husband and wife, Nigel and Wanda. At the company’s heart is the desire to bring you good quality Kent produce  in an efficient, affordable and sustainable way.

We are so impressed with the variety and quality of goods from so many small producers in Kent that we want you to be able to enjoy it in a simple, hassle-free and friendly way. That’s why we’ve teamed up together and look forward to working with our customers and suppliers in the future.

We have spent several months talking to our various suppliers and customers to ensure that we have a range of produce from sources all over Kent, which is different, of exceptional quality and at an affordable price. Our suppliers are committed to their produce and work hard to satisfy their customers – we in turn want to contribute in bringing their produce to a wider market whilst maintaining our local, Kentish, identity.

Locally-sourced produce also brings a number of environmental benefits which are of increasing importance to us and our customers today.

We look forward to working with you and receiving your views on our company, produce and services. Please do contact us via e-mail on our web-site or telephone us on 01732 838387. Feedback from our customers is important. We take all our feedback seriously and will endeavour to improve our offering and service with your help.

Thank you and enjoy!

Nigel and Wanda.

Nigel and Wanda of Kentish Stores